Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day Nine of Acute Bronchitis Prison:

"I think they are on to me. Yesterday, I secretly tried to breathe regularly and the germ guards quickly tortured me with hacking coughs. They seem to be waiting for something to come up, but I have no information to give them. I am brought napkins to cough into. I think the prison doctor is on my side. He slipped me some cough medicine with codeine which is supposed to suppress my involuntary outbursts. The guards can't be happy about that. 
Another prisoner named husband who shares this space secretly brought me some McDonalds food. I don't know whether to trust him. It smelled good, but will it actually kill me? I think I am silently winning the standoff with the germ guards. Despite their brutal attempts to elevate my heat level, after day 5 I was able to regulate my temperature through an underground railroad system called Advil. Now, I also manage to sneak a regular breath in approximately once every five minutes. It's a start. When I finally break free from here, their atrocities will not go unpunished."
Prisoner K, Day 9

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