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Today We Welcome Author Casey Harvell!

Casey was nice enough to send us her fabulous covers and a really cool teaser that started her series off.  She also granted an interview with Author tales which you can find below. Her book "Shocked", the second in her Electric series is releasing today! Check this talented author out and learn more!

Get "Shocked" here!
Five Things You May Not Have Known About The Electric Series

1)    Where the idea began: I love zombies. I see everything zombie as a form of therapy because they terrify me. (I had nightmares for months after watching 28 Days Later.) I really wanted to write an apocalypse. Something terrifying that could rival the chaos and fear of a zombie apocalypse. But where to begin? I started Googling and discovered the Grey-Goo Theory. Thus the nanobot apocalypse was formed.

2)    It’s all part of the groove: A large part of my writing involves music. The Electric Series is made possible mainly by Imagine Dragons, The Fray and The Artic Monkeys.

3)    A secret: Another large factor in the beginning of The Electric Series (Charged) is a vague fan fiction to The Hollows Series by Amanda Hocking (my favorite series EVER!)

4)    Where’d B come from? In The Hollows Series Remy has a kickass female lion named Ripley. She’s badass. B’s small yet but give him a bit to catch his bearings. As for the name? B’s been shortened for “Baby Bear” (Charged) but is also the nickname for my neighbor’s turtle because he’s awesome.

5)    Lastly: Wired will be the final installment of The Electric Series and will be out sometime this coming winter.


The Electric Series by Casey Harvell
BREAKING NEWS(From Nov 2013)

New strides in nanotechnology have the medical community very excited! Due to the successful testing of BioNano’s new atomic sized nanobots, doctors hope to attempt the first cellular regeneration of its kind.

We are reporting live, up to the minute coverage of the nanobot invasion. Within just a few days the entire eastern seaboard will be affected unless we figure out how to stop them. The issue is that at the rate people are falling to this, all of the scientists with the knowledge to fix them will be overtaken before they have a chance. Please remain indoors if possible, but remember that exposure does not stop with people. These nanobots work on a molecular level. Everything they come in contact with: people, animals, buildings, even water can become a carrier.

Charged Reboot
Electric Book I
Coming …NOW!!



Author Tales: How long have you been a writer?
Casey: I think I’ve been a writer my whole life. In college I had an English professor tell me I should pursue it but at the time the industry was still traditional (something I’m definitely not lol). I kept at it—for myself—and in 2011 I discovered self-publishing. The rest is history!

Author Tales: What motivated you to become a writer?

Casey: A severely overactive imagination as the result of being an only child. Some kids has an imaginary friend. I had the Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles (complete with Shredder, April, Krang and Splinter.) In elementary school I discovered Gone With the Wind and my love for reading began. Add in some Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High rocured form trips with my Grandma to the used bookstore and I never had a chance ;)

Author Tales: What is your favorite thing about writing?

Casey: I love to read. Love it. I can tear through a series in a few days. I love the storytelling that comes with writing. I love making my readers feel the story and want them to be a part of it.

Author Tales: What are some of the books by others that have inspired you?

Casey: Anything Nora Roberts, Charlaine Harris, Janet Evanovich, Amanda Hocking, Lizzy Ford, Nicky Charles, HP Mallory, Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, Jane Austen—I could go on forever but I think you get the idea!

Author Tales: Does anything else inspire you? i.e. movies, music, etc. if so, what?

Casey: Um YES! Everything inspires me but mainly the following:

Music—pretty much everything I write has a song or two behind it. The Electric Series is mostly in part to Imagine Dragons and the Artic Monkeys. My next standalone, Eclipsed Agony, will be brought to you by Christina Perri’s Arms.

Movies—It’s impossible not to be inspired nowadays with the movies coming out. Most of them anyway ;)

Video Games—Perhaps not the average but I definitely get inspired both playing and watching my hubby play videogames. The most inspirational to date? The Bioshock Series. Seriously badass.

Comics—Being with a comic book lover for thirteen year some of it was bound to rub off. Considering the popularity of the Marvel and DC movies and TV shows, I’m not alone. The imagination behind them is always inspiring.

Author Tales: Neat! Video Games and Comics are answers I haven't heard before. You have a  lot of outlets for inspiration! Now tell us about your latest book. What gave you the idea?

Casey: Shocked is Book 2 of the Electric Series. The idea came to life because (like any true zombie lover) I really wanted to do an apocalypse. I wanted something zombie-esque but something a little different. After some research the nanobot apocalypse was born. As for Kat’s energy? That’s mostly from Bioshock. Like I said before, it’s badass.

Author Tales: Have you ever experienced what others call writer's block? If so, what are methods you use to get up and running  again.  Or, if you don't believe in writers block, tell us why.

Casey: Ah writer’s block. Everyone who writes suffers from it now and again whether they recognize/label/whatever it or not. Some days we can sit and write ten thousand words without batting an eyelash. Other’s it’s like pulling teeth to get five hundred words down. My writing style is very spastic so my solution is simple: I move on and do different stuff (I have two boys under ten so it’s easy to find something) until I’m ready to write again. Sometimes it takes a day or two, others a week or more. I find the more I fight to write the story the harder it becomes to get it down. Therefore I take a mental health break until the idea pops up (usually at 2:00a.m. what’s up with that?) and I can keep going.

Author Tales: What is your favorite genre to write? If you write in multiple genres, tell us why you picked those particular ones.

Casey: I write romance. From there it branches out J I have so far written one standalone mystery/thriller, one paranormal series and one sci-fi series. We’ll have to see where the next books take me. I can see more paranormal and sci-fi in my future because they’ve been a blast.

Author Tales: What is your favorite character that you have written?

Casey: I love Lettie from my Decision Series but by far my favorite to date is Kat. She’s kickass and I can’t wait for everyone to see her evolve in Shocked!

Author Tales: What is it about that character that you love?

Casey: Kat suddenly finds herself thrust into an apocalyptic situation as the only weapon. She has to discover this and if she’s strong enough to persevere. I find Kat is relatable to anyone who’d be in that same predicament. She has moments of self-doubt like all of us but her tenacity and sense of right and wrong remain her strongest attributes.

Author Tales: Where is your favorite place to write?

Casey: Most of my writing is done on my couch or bed with my laptop. Now that it’s warmer here I can escape outside too.

Author Tales: Are you on social media? If so, which ones do you find most valuable as an author?

Casey: I’m on all of them that I can keep straight lol. Mostly Facebook and Twitter. FB used to be the most valuable but has been slipping to Twitter as they continue to hide our page posts L

Author Tales: I know! That is so annoying!

Casey: You can find me here on Twitter:
Author Tales: Have you ever done in-person events or signings or do you stay pretty much behind the screen?

Casey: To date I stay mostly behind the scenes. I’ve been asked about a signing in Rockland County NY late this summer but I’m still not convinced anyone would come to see me lol.

 Check out "Shocked" and The Electric Series. You won't be disappointed!

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