Friday, May 9, 2014

Michele Stegman fills us in on her new book "The Shrew That Tames"!

Welcome Michele Stegman!
Michele writes:
Who enjoys a challenge? I do! Writing The Shrew That Tames was a challenge for me. The challenge was to write a story based on a Shakespearian play for Breathless Press. I chose The Taming of the Shrew because I don't like the way Kate, the shrew, was treated. I don't think any woman should be treated the way poor Kate was treated, and I especially don't like it when she knuckles under at the end, practically worshipping her husband. To me, he is abusive and domineering. She should have continued to be a burr and make him realize that she is an intelligent woman who needs to be loved, understood, and treated with respect.

Oh my! Who am I to criticize The Bard of Avon? There was the challenge, indeed!

I set my twisted story in the Regency period in England, and made my shrew find a man who was not going to trample her into the dust. But to be fair, she didn't want to do any trampling, either. Sure, she was a shrew. She had cut practically every importuning bachelor in London to shreds with her tongue.

So why does she ask penniless fortune hunter, Peter Monroe, Marquis of Ashfair to marry her?  
What's an impoverished aristocrat to do when a beautiful heiress asks him to marry her?
Katherine is an heiress who uses her shrewish tongue to keep fortune hunters away. But what is it about Lord Ashfair that leaves her speechless?
Although in need of money, Peter Monroe, Marquis of Ashfair, has resolved to restore his ravaged estates on his own. How can he convince Katherine that he wants her, not her money?
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Michele Stegman is a multi-published author of historical romances. Her seventh book, The Shrew That Tames, has just been released from Breathless Press. She wrote the book as a challenge from her publisher to write a story based on a Shakespearean play. She chose The Taming of the Shrew, and, as you can tell from her title, she really twisted that old tale into something totally new. The Shrew That Tames is set during the Regency period in England.
Another of Michele's books, Conquest of the Heart, is a Medieval historical, set during the Norman conquest of England. It was released in June from Breathless Press.
Her next offering from Breathless Press will be a short story, The Admirer.
You can find information about all Michele's books at her website, Or connect with her on Facebook at



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