Sunday, April 6, 2014

Author Tales Welcomes Author Margie Church and Her New Release!

Today Author Tales welcomes author Margie Church and her new release "Deep Enough to Bleed." Margie is an erotic romance author. Check her out when you get a chance!


Deep Enough to Bleed, by Margie Church
Orphaned on the brink of adulthood, Jolene must make decisions for herself and her younger, disabled brother, Adam. Decisions as painful as the blows they suffered at their father's hands. Cutting herself is the only thing making Jolene feel something besides misery and worthlessness.

Jolene has never dated, yet quickly recognizes Brendan is a great guy. She wants a serious and intimate relationship, but is scared to trust him with the truth. Will he think she's a freak if he learns of her secret compulsion? Will hearing about the horrible events from her past make him run?

Jolene's Secret Compulsion

She's a cutter. It's her coping mechanism.

When I was younger, most of us acted out by drinking too much, took drugs or took other crazy chances with our lives. The thing about those behaviors is they are public. People who cut can do that in secret. No one need know. Is it any less a cry for help? No.

Self-harm is a serious subject and Deep Enough to Bleed takes it on. Jolene isn't repulsed by her actions. She accepts them for what they are and doesn't profess she can quit. She doesn't know if she can. What she is deeply concerned about is someone else finding out and how they'll react.

It's never scarier than after she meets Brendan and they begin dating. Since she cuts her thighs, at first she doesn't have trouble keeping her compulsion private. It's when he wants a deeper physical relationship that Jolene has to decide whether to be honest. She really likes Brendan. She really wants to make love with him and find out what that's like. Even though he knows most of the horrible things she endured already, this last secret could be too much. Even if she's honest, Brendan might think she's a total freak. That kind of humiliation could significantly set back her emotional growth. None of her choices appeal to her. Each comes with significant risk and reward.

What's it gonna be, Jolene?

CONTEST: Do you know someone like Jolene? Are you like her? What would you do in this situation as Jolene or Brendan? One lucky commenter will win Deep Enough to Bleed!


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