Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome D.F. Krieger and Her New Release!

Today we welcome D.F. Krieger and her new release! For 18+ only.
First, her Beautiful Cover! The book is called Panthers and Precincts!

Buy links are at the bottom.  Pick up yours today! Here is an excerpt from her book:

The panther gave a mournful yowl, huffing as it hunched over on itself. The cry chilled Zeara to the bone and the skin on her arms prickled into goose bumps. They all stared at him as he turned his back to them, his shoulders shaking with the noises he was making.

           "Is he having a seizure?" Brae's voice wavered, sounding frightened.

Even as Shy shook her head, Zeara spoke. "No, he's not. It almost looks like... It's so stupid. Never mind."

"What?" Brae's eyes flicked to her with curiosity, but immediately returned to the panther.

" he's crying."

They watched him in silence for a moment as the eerie wails echoed off the concrete room. Each of them jumped when the police officer burst in, the double doors making a loud boom as they swung open, then thudded closed.

"Everyone all right in here?"

Zeara tried not to roll her eyes at his southern drawl. She fought the urge to snap back with a sarcastic reply. Oh no, Officer. The panther is crying like a baby and we can't get him to stop. Will you go warm him a glass of milk while Brae sings him a lullaby? Instead, she clenched her teeth and looked to her coworkers for help.

Brae, aware of her phobia of cops, stepped forward with a bright smile on her face. Zeara groaned inwardly. She knew that smile. Brae had just flipped on the dumb-blonde-sex-appeal personality that she was known for. The thing that made it most aggravating was that, even after years of friendship and working together, Zeara still couldn't tell if it was an act, or if that really was how Brae coped when she felt nervous.

"Everything is a-okay, Officer. We won't be getting any work done here." She pouted, her lip stuck out like a child, and Zeara fought the urge to pop her across the back of the head. "Could you give us a ride home? My office is so small and there just really isn't anywhere big enough know..." She waggled her eyebrows at the man.

"Sleep," the cop filled in helpfully.

Brae giggled. "Well, that too, I guess."

By the gods, I'm back in high school. Zeara tried desperately not to smack her own forehead with her palm. This was just too much. "Listen, I don't care what kind of sleeping goes on, so long as I get to go home and soon."

"Killjoy," Brae muttered as the cop's facial features melded back into Mr. Professional.

"Whore," Zeara fired back in an equally low tone.

Shy, who was close enough to hear the entire conversation, turned when the panther began issuing a chuffing noise. "Well, if nothing else, you two made him laugh."

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