Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tagged for a Blog Hop By V.A. Givens

Author V.A. Givens tagged me for a blog hop: V. A. Givens @VAGivens

You can see her entry on the link above.
Now here are my answers to those questions and I will have to drum up five more authors on twitter. Shouldn't be too hard since most of my connections on twitter are authors.

What are You Writing?
I am currently writing Book Two of the seven book Erasing Series for Lycaon Press. Book Two is Erasing: Shattered. Book One just came out for preorders- you can get it here:  Book One is Erasing: Shadows and the official release date ( where it will be available everywhere) is December 18. It is a book for Mature Teens and New Adults. I have already planned the arc for the entire series.

How Does This Differ From Your Last Work?

Well, I also write under a pen name for Breathless Press, so my last several works have been shorter pieces for them. I have two short stories coming out in an anthology in February and I have a Mystery for BP coming out sometime in the spring or summer. Additionally, under my own name, KD Rose, I have two poems that were accepted by magazines which will be published this month.

Why Do You Write?

I am a fountain of ideas. You should see all the blank books I have lying around my house. That way, I can capture most of the ideas when they come. And once I am working on a book whole conversations will come to me that I have to get down fast.

What is Your Process?

I'm not sure that I have a set process. I guess the most interesting thing I do is that I often don't write in the order the book will be read. I write out of sequence because I am typically thinking about the book as a whole rather than in a linear way so ideas come to me for anywhere in the book, not necessarily the next blank page I have to fill. I've found that just letting this happen works well, rather than trying to force my mind to form it all in sequence. I do plot beforehand in sequence so there are some boundaries already set.

The other thing I do is write in my office /library where I am surrounded by all my books and author type things so it gets me in the mood. I know when I'm there, I'm there to write.


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