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Interview with Acharya Swaroop Who Just Had His Book Published!

Join me today for an interview with Acharya Swaroop who was just published!

KDRose: Tell me about your road to publication.

Acharya Swaroop: My road to publication started when I first met Grey Wolf. He is the reason that I am a published author today. A big thanks to him.

I started writing poetry just as a hobby during my interludes of writing fiction. I used to post my poems in my Facebook account, and gradually people started liking them. It was one late night in India and I was chatting with Grey Wolf when he suddenly came up with the idea of making an e-book of my poems. So it was the start of it all. I still thank my stars that I met Grey Wolf, he was the start of my road to publication.

KDRose: What inspired this book?

Acharya Swaroop: The book derives inspiration from life itself. Firstly, I would like to say that I was really inspired and motivated by your book "I AM" which proved to be a pivotal point for me. The book just left me spell bound.

KDRose: Wow! That is high praise. Thank you so much.

Acharya Swaroop: My book "Million Miles Away" is all about the emotional dilemma we face in our life. I have tried to address the themes of love, nature, religion and despair. Moreover the poems are about the struggles that the people go through. It is about the unexpressed pain and hopeless situations that sometimes cloud our life.

Like the poem "Making People", it is about the two sides of a same person. We are all good in some ways and bad in some ways. But sometimes these two sides of a same person creates a war within our mind. It raises the questions of what is right and what is wrong!

In the poems like "Red" and the "The decedents", I have to tried to portray the life of a drunkard and an immigrant.

KDRose: What genre is it? Why did you choose this genre?

Acharya Swaroop:  Million Miles Away can't really be put into a genre. It is a mixture of emotions.This book is totally about the people and life. A person feels an array of emotions which include love, heartache, nostalgia, hopelessness and many more. This is about life and how the common people see it from their eyes.

The reason behind I chose to write these poems because I wanted to write about people. I didn't want only to write about my feelings. I wanted to tell the world about the pain of the people about which the world doesn't know or largely choose to ignore. I wanted to bring out the harsh realities of life. I wanted to be the voice of the people through my poems. I don't have a particular genre in mind when I sit to write. I write about people and people are my genre.

KDRose: What helped you the most in your quest to become a writer?

Acharya Swaroop: My imagination and my different outlook about the world around me has really helped to become a writer. The reason that I can feel my words has really helped me. This quest to become a writer was not easy but my friends like Somdeep Datta , Annesha Mazumdar, my family members and Grey Wolf certainly made it lot easier to travel in this difficult road and helped me a lot in my difficult times. I am no one without all my friends and my parents. I am a student, and I will always be a student. I still have "Million Miles" to go and lot to learn before I become as half as good as you all are! People around me helped me the most in my quest of becoming a writer and fulfilling my childhood dream.

KDRose: What are you planning to write next?

Acharya Swaroop: I have many things planned. I am working all the time. I am working on a short story now which I will publish in wattpad when it is complete. Meanwhile I am writing a short-story for an anthology competition,"25 Strokes of Teen life", script for a graphic novel and toying with many ideas for a short commentary movie.

KDRose: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Acharya Swaroop: I am myself an aspiring writer. And I believe that I have to work a lot harder and have lot to learn.

Nevertheless I have one thing to say to the people who are planning to become a writer is that "Dream big, work harder". It is important for a writer to never stop reading and learning. The road of becoming a writer is never easy and there will be moments when you feel like to give up. But when you feel like its time to give up- Don't give up. Push yourself a little further. Keep pushing yourself and as the saying goes- Its darkest before the dawn. You will surely succeed and all your hard work will never go in vain. Keep writing.

In the end,I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to feature in your blog. It means a lot to a small writer like me to feature in your blog.

KDRose: You are very welcome. I love creative community!

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