Thursday, December 19, 2013

Erasing Series New Writing Every Tuesday and Thursday!

The Erasing Series is meant to be a new, modern take on Mature Teen/Young Adult and New Adult book fare. As such, the Erasing Website will be an integral part of the Erasing Series. The website already features pictures of all main characters from Erasing: Shadows and starting today, an Erasing series update will appear under the tab Erasing: Biweekly Updates.

That's right! Every Tuesday and Thursday you can get your fill of new Erasing secrets, scenes, and character interactions for free.  Keep up with what's happening in the Erasing world until the next book comes out. Read new scenes that relate to unanswered questions. Find out more about your favorite characters.

Regular updates every Tuesday and Thursday, starting today! Just follow the link to the Erasing World:

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