Friday, November 8, 2013

2 New 5 Star Reviews for I AM Poetry in Motion

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Amazon: 5 Stars
Beautifully Inspiring Words That Lift The Spirit!     
By Blaine   

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The author wrote this book to help girls and women to realize their own value and empower themselves in today’s society, but I think there is too much power in these words to not share them with everyone. I’d recommend this book to any lover of the well-written word and to any girl or woman!

Reader's Favorite
Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan

 I Am: Poetry In Motion by K.D. Rose is the perfect book for women and girls. It is a book that speaks about the insecurities women face in their lives when it comes to their physical appearance and acceptance by others in the society. Girls, especially teenagers, have a low self esteem. They always look down upon themselves. This book tells us how to love ourselves despite our drawbacks and flaws, because nobody is perfect in life.

I liked the theme and concept of this poetry collection. It is unique, innovative, and at the same time relevant to women. The pictures add life to the poems and also give the poems more clarity and meaning. The book is inspiring for the very fact that it encourages women to start loving themselves and their bodies and tells them to be true to their own selves. Loving yourself is the theme that runs through the book. It is a very important aspect for women to learn and practise.

I Am: Poetry In Motion is a book where the author's thoughts are expressed in a simple manner for any reader to understand. The reaffirming quotes are very motivating and inspiring for those who are on the path of changing their lives for the better. The book is written for the empowerment of women who are in low phases of their lives and who require some motivation to get back into life. It is a must-read for all women and girls.

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