Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today I have a Review of I AM from a Male Writer In Africa

It is amazing what the internet can do.- KDRose
Review of 'I Am' by K. D. Rose

These poems are really on motion. They drive home a lot of morals for the female folk.

K. D. Rose tells it all; every woman is a beautiful creature, to be honored, adored and respected. This book raises many issues that affect the female-folk and still, more in a succinct manner plays the role of a 'big sister'. It is not provocative, neither is it channeled to fuel tensions between the different genders, rather I see it as a call to a reawakening of the girl dignity. There are great lessons embedded in those verses. The poems are self explanatory and the pictures say even more!...

I recommend it for both the female-folk, who the author actually wrote for and the male-folk.

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