Saturday, April 6, 2013

Music That Matters

Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the video or the performance. At their best these go deeper than you might think. If you like something, support artists and buy their work. Your soul needs food. So do they.

This group of videos really run the gamut. However, they all express a very singular and strong point of view, made even stronger by the video in most cases. All exemplify different levels of awareness. You have to think a little sideways for some. You can agree or disagree with the message, but their music/lyrics and/or videos are effective and superior.

This first one I could not get to load. Here is the link.
© Interscope 2012
2nd- Muse, Madness, directed by Anthony Mandler
© Muse
3rd Metz, Wasted, directed by Scott Cudmore 
© Metz
4th Metz, Wet Blanket, directed by Scott Cudmore/Michael Leblanc 
© Metz, WMG
5th Smoke and Mirrors, No Malice and Ab Liva (Re-Up Gang), directed by Shomi Patwary and Gene Thornton © No Malice and Ab Liva
6th- Jesse Ware, Wildest Moments © Jesse Ware Music


7th- Houses, The Beauty Surrounds © Houses

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