Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music That Matters

Newest Batch
Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the video or the performance. At their best these go deeper than you might think. If you like something, support artists and buy their work. Your soul needs food. So do they. The videos below are all completely different from one another; each stands individually awesome for its own reasons.

Clarity is one of the most dead on videos I've seen for a certain state.  Here for the lyrics and the video and its symbolism. Simply profound.


Clarity-  Zed, featuring Foxes; Directed by Jodeb 
© 2013 Interscope Records
Already tweeted about this one. Matt Nathanson's new video. He's been on my list before- a brain talent (rare) who raises the level of his audience, always.
Mission Bells, Matt Nathanson
© Matt Nathanson
This one is for the video.
Stubborn Love, The Lumineers
© Dualtone Music Group(US); Rouge/Inertia (AUS);
 Dine Alone Records (CAN); Decca Records (ROW);
 Director Isaac Ravishankara
This last one is for the video.  Example of a certain state of maturity, but examples for this state are sorely lacking. This video does a nice job through we eventually outgrow competition; but while in it, it is quite the rush.  Females at that state need more examples of awesome and less prince charming as an end state.
Haim, Don’t Save Me
©Neon Gold Records (US); Rough Trade (UK)


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