Monday, March 25, 2013

Editorial Review for Inside Sorrow

Book Review  5 Stars    
Reviewed by Alexander Rigby for Readers' Favorite

The way that K.D. Rose puts words together in Inside Sorrow creates an absence not only within the heart of the reader, but also upon the page where the letters and phrases are contained. This book of collected poems is organized in a chronological way, spanning over the course of time as grief spreads and runs deeper. Beginning on the day of the occurrence and transcending through the days, months and years that follow, we are taken as a witness to the sorrow that seeps into and overflows above the day to day tasks and interactions that take place. As time goes on, the act of mourning evolves in certain ways, but the tone still stays true to how it has always been.

Poetry can be complex and over calculating, or it can be simple and strong. The latter is the way I would describe K.D. Rose’s poetry in this collection. Although her poetry is not lengthy, her words impacted me in such a direct manner. Through reading her work, I felt the pain of the speaker, who felt lost in a world where love had left her. I thought there were certain parts that on their own were brilliant, so adding them together with the other poems she had so thoughtfully constructed made her work speak all the more loudly. The kind of grief that she describes in Inside Sorrow was not only heartbreaking, it was profound and beautiful.

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