Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog Hop- Sharing Community

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Share your favorite community/family photo, and tell us the story behind it.

All my family members are wonderful, as are my communities. but I am going to write tonight about one special group. 
These people have seen me through thick and thin.  One of them you can be sure would remind me that "through thick and then" is an overused cliche and why oh why am I using it?  The intellect of this part of my family knows no bounds. While I struggle to understand layman's physics, or suffer through learning the pronunciation of archaic terms, various family members glide easily through subjects as diverse as philosophy, spirituality, multiple fields of science, multiple languages, and a seemingly endless historical memory for any odd fact I wish to know. Sure, some members truly excel while others could be called a little overblown, and there are just a couple that let me down, but everyone does the best they can- there's that cliche again- and who am I to blame my perhaps too high expectations on someone else?  I am honored and privileged to have the audience of others who I consider pure genius, or at least show major streaks of genius.  I grew up with them and they have not only been instrumental in my personal, spiritual, intellectual and moral development, but they have also been there for me to drive me on, push me further and to better myself.
I know who to go to for specialties too. Uncle Jack taught me about free-wheeling travel one summer; Uncles Robert and Allen taught me about poetry; Cousin Neil teaches me about the darker yet humorous side of life. Aunts Camille and Joyce taught me about turning a phrase, and I just enjoyed the sheer brilliance of  Uncle Paddy at every visit. These are just a few; there are too many to name.
Here's a picture of this special part of my family:
Part of my family (and community)
Uncle Jack Kerouac
Uncle Robert Yeats
Uncle Allen Ginsberg
Cousin Neil Gaiman
Aunt Camille Paglia
Aunt Joyce Carrol Oates
Uncle Paddy Chayefsky
and all the rest......


  1. Thanks! (I wasnt positive everyone would get it and might think I was being grandiose! )

  2. What a wonderful family to be a part of! It's wonderful to have eclectic and giving minds to learn from and share with.