Friday, July 27, 2012

Heavy Bags of Soul- Not For the Faint of Heart or Mind

Heavy Bags of Soul articulates the inner journey of initiation, told via poetry, dialogues, short stories and essays. Not for everyone- this is an edgy book for forward and original thinkers.  If you want to look deeper through the lens of a journey of evolution, this may be your find of the year.

The quest for Truth has just been taken into the 21st century and your initiation begins by just reading the words. Are You Ready?

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Heavy Bags of Soul is edgy, hits you in the gut and gives you the education you never knew you needed. Written with irony, truth, and a spiked pen, Heavy Bags of Soul takes the reader past the self into self-evolution.

For seekers of alternative spirituality or simply those who value independent thinking, Heavy Bags of Soul is sure to leave the reader with a new perspective on reality.

Heavy Bags of Soul is available on in both paperback and Kindle, Barnes and in both paperback and Nook, and

About the Author:

K.D. Rose's lengthy esoteric history combines to provide modern day insights with humor and a pen that reveals the central threads common to multiple paths and experiences. Rare insight, sharp humor, and passionate thought combine with subtle wordplay that speaks to the reader's core.

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