Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

New and Interesting Finds for the Week Ending June 3


Loving this website seemingly made of art, design and spite.   Here is a sample of their work:


They rightfully call themselves Internet Sherpas.

No Hope For the Human Race on Facebook - Offensive and hilarious!/NoHopeForTheHumanRace


This is the most information rich thing I've ever seen on media habits of every age. Each page and link leads to others just as informative. Spend some time here and you just might develop a marketing plan.

55 Digital Media Resources


Doglovers- Warning- popular brands of dog jerky are leading to pet deaths.

Ray Bradbury- The Sci Fi Great passed away this week-

Wisconsin Recall Fails- Read about it anywhere.


Circular Patterns in Cosmic background

The Sci-Art Series. They add more regularly.

Science Literacy Compared Worldwide.

The fact that I have no new finds for music means my life was lacking.  Ok, lacking time, but still.  Empty and Dull!

Adding to my Movies that Matter Page: Deja View.  An older movie, but belongs there.


I am an author but this is not a blog about writing.  No world changers this week.

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