Saturday, July 21, 2012

Music That Matters: Repost

I am reposting this from my older blog because- its music that matters! (All Good Music Matters)

Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the video or the performance. At their best these go deeper than you might think. If you like something, support artists and buy their work. Your soul needs food. So do they.  

Newest finds (ETA: older now since this was originally posted) Strange Attractor, Animal Kingdom Saint Lucia-We got it wrong Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Eyes Wide Open ft. Kate Elsworth (Official Music Video)

Also a newer find (though not a newer video). Rich in meaning.
Walk The Moon - Anna Sun

This one was a new find, but quickly gained popularity and has now moved to cultural meme. Which is too bad because that overshadows the original creativity. You can make interesting and unique work appeal to others.  ETA:  Quickly went from unknown and quirky to hit, to Saturday Night Live appearance to Satire all over the internet.   Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video

Complicated and rich in meaning. This is here for video. However, mature lyrics showcase all this group does. The hard-rocking great melodies are just bonus. Cage The Elephant - Back Against The Wall

This artist's live shows are an entrance into another dimension. He tries to raise the audience at every level, all the while entertaining with witty banter and reminders of the things that really matter. Matt Nathanson - All We Are *

Yes, there is meaning here. And to catchy pop music! Marianas Trench - Haven't Had Enough

Two from this artist. This performance video is the definitive of beauty. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

This is another example of this artist. He does not so much sing as invoke, in the true sense of the word. Jeff Buckley - Mojo Pin Live at Glastonbury 1995

Pure Artistic Power. EMA "CALIFORNIA" Official Video *

Lyrics Shawn Colvin - Kill The Messenger (Live)

Lyrics (but what a performance) Noel Gallagher - Emotional version of Dont Look Back in Anger - Live

Just a guy and a guitar. Yeah, just. U2 - Love Is Blindness (Edge's Solo Performance)

Some others in general.     Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky  Jefferson Starship - Miracles Switchfoot - Dare You To Move (Alt. Version)   Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Incubus - Dig

So many more. So many, many more...

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