Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bleeding Edge

The bleeding edge is 10 miles past the cutting edge. It's the edge that hurts. The foreunner that is never known. The things on the far edge of becoming, of discovery, of manifesting. It's connecting the dots. It's abstract. It is brave. It is on its way. It is. Or it may never be.

May20, 2012 Fantastic Piece on "The Gonzo Futurist" "
May 19, 2012 We are getting there!! "Brain implant lets paralyzed woman control robot arm with her mind."
May 15, 2012 One of the most bleeding edge ideas I've seen in actual application. These guys are using QR codes to give daily updates on "the coolest, funniest, most fun, most awesome, and most informative viral content on the web." Not sure if it is gonna fly, but bonus for inventive tech.
April 2012 Ideas Having a Few $Billion May Bring to Fruition "In the past couple of years, NASA and other space agencies have shifted their attention from the moon and other planets toward asteroids."

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